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Signed with Agent A almost a year ago today

I'm feeling nostalgic today and have been thinking about what had been going on in my life exactly a year ago. I was just about to turn twenty (on Jan. 29), was a senior in college at FSU and had Agent A reading my manuscript. I was a wreck with questions. Will she like it? Will she like me? What happens when we talk on the phone? What if I babble like the dork I am and she hangs up on me? OMG, I'm really talking to an agent!

When we did our call, I had a stack of notes in front of me with my resume (in case I forgot where I went to school, LOL), my writing credits ('cause you know how important those are) and a brand new notebook so I could scribble down every word she said in case that became important later. Okay, I guess I was taking notes. :)

The actual talk was fantastic and I knew that was it. How amazing to find someone else besides you who's interested in your book.

Anyone else remember your first agent call? If you haven't had one, what do you hope yours will be like?

**Forgot to mention that I blogged about the importance of adopting a shelter pet over at TFC yesterday. Check it out.**


Barrie said…
Hmmm.....well, I think I may have been a bit of blabbering dork during my agent call. :)

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