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Tomorrow's visitor: EM Alexander

Since I'm currently engaged in edits, this post is just a reminder that tomorrow, author E.M. Alexander is stopping by. She'll answer a Q&A and offer writing tips to aspiring authors. Also, leave a comment here (or on LJ) tomorrow to be entered in a drawing for one of two signed copies of E.M.'s book, Death at Deacon Pond. Yay for prizes! I'll count the number of entries and will have my brother pick a number to determine the winners.


Anonymous said…
Way to go :) :) :) !!!
Knowing where it all started--I am very proud of you !!I know someone famous !!! Love, Dawn in TEXAS
The Book Muncher (Scarlet) said…
i love contests!
Hey Jessica, I've been reading off and on the last few weeks, and have linked you. I figured now would be the best chance to say hi!! :) I could use a new author.
Thank you, Dawn!

All right, Scarlet! Me too! :)

Hi, Jessica! Thanks for stopping by! I'll check out your blog next.

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