Tuesday, January 29, 2008

21 today! Yay!

Happy Birthday

At midnight, I turned 21. Twenty-one. OMG, 21. Does anyone else feel as if they went from sixteen and getting a driver's license to 21 overnight?

I'm working this morning and taking tonight off to party. Woo hoo!

I share this birthday with Lady O, Heather Graham and Tom Selleck. :)

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Colorado Writer said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Welcome to adulthood, it sucks!

(And my oldest turns 16 today)

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday! It's a fun one! It really does feel like it goes fast. It's incredible. But again, lots of fun to come!! :)

EmeraldGown said...

Happy Birthday, Jessica!
I was excited to read about your upcoming books. Series fiction is my favorite type of writing and what I'm working on now (only not horses). I will pick up your books the MINUTE they come out. I'm sure you will make little girls happy everywhere. How cool for you. I also LOVE Aladdin and S&S. Congrats! I hope your birthday is joy-filled and the beginning of many more blessings that build upon those you have already received.

Jessica Burkhart said...

Thanks, Steph!

It IS a fun one, Steph! :)

Emeraldgown, wow, thank you! I hope your series is going great.

Catherine J Gardner / Phoenix Rendell said...

HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY Jessica - WooHoo!!! Being 21 is great :)... Or in my case, was great a long, long... Okay, let's not go there.

Have a FAB one...

Erin said...

Happy birthday Jessica!!

Sara Hantz said...

Belated happy birthday, hope you had an awesome time. Unfortunately 21 is bit of a dim and distant memory for me!!!

Heather Harper said...

Happy belated birthday, Jessica! Hope you had a fabu day.

I turn 36 tomorrow. Wanna switch? ;)

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