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Articles, Interviews and Sick

Thanks so much to everyone who e-mailed me about my mag article. I've got the quotes I need and really appreciate it! :)

Yesterday, I did a fantastic interview with a teen champion barrel racer. It was the perfect interview for a horse crazy writer and since I usually ride English, it was fun to talk to someone who only rides Western.

I've got to write up the above article today and keep working on edits. Oh, and I'm sick. Yeah. :( Apparently, the sore throat/headache/other cold symptoms are floating around. Can't remember the last time I was sick!

How's everyone's week so far? Anyone watch Idol and laugh hysterically last night?


Chelsea said…
Aw. Hope you feel better! Two of my family members are really sick, so I'm crossing my fingers that I don't catch anything!

Ha, and yes, I watched Idol! That stalker guy who sang a song for Paula just creeped me out. I think half of the contestants are just for show, but it's still fun laughing at them!
Sara Hantz said…
Hope you feel better soon. Can't wait for Idol to come over here. We'll probably have to wait a couple of months!

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