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New pic from Canterwood Crest photo shoot

Since we've been talking a lot about Paige Parker this week, I wanted to share another exclusive photo from the shoot for the covers of books 9-12. I'm (on the right) posing with the awesome model who played Paige. We chatted a lot on set and had so much fun.

Starting in January, I'll begin posting video clips and more photos from the shoot. I'll be starting with pics of wardrobe and make up, plus tips via vlogs from top stylists on how to dress like a Canterwood model with an affordable mix of pieces. :)


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the beautiful photo of you and "Paige". I can't wait for the videos.
DD said…
I am so blad that you are going to put up videos on the outfits. I love them.
Joannah said…
Sounds cool! I'm trying to convince my older sister to get me the first CC for Christmas. Wish me luck! She convinced herself that I should have a surprise. When I DON'T want one! I want the first CC and the Jimmy Needham CD. :-) lol.
Gabby B. said…
I dont know why but i always pictured paige with curly or wavy hair a little past her shoulders green eyes and NO bangs.

But thanks for the pics anyway jess even though it is not what paige looks like in my world.

Sara S said…
oooh !How to dress canterwood! that sounds perfect and i love the paige pic!
Anonymous said…
Hey Jess!
I just got my prize from the BE contest. I won the charm and it is beautiful!
Thoroughbredstar said…
Are you going to put a profile for Paige on the cc website? Or profiles for any of the intermediate riders?
Anonymous said…
i love canterwood crest soooooooooooooo much the day a book comes out I go to the book store and get it. that is not what I imagined paige at all I imagined her with straight hair

#1 fan
Anonymous said…
Yeah I imagined Paige with wavy hair. I LOVE CC!! I already pre-ordered LWL. I can't wait 4 the videos!!!

Arabian girl said…
Go Paige!!!!!
Kathryn said…
Wow! Paige looks exactly like I imagined her to look like. I cannot wait until the Jan. blog postings! =)
Anonymous said…
I have to agree with Gabbie B. I pictured Paige about the same as her. Don't get me wrong it's not that this Paige isn't pretty or anything she is just different than I would have imagined Paige. I always thought she would have wavy hair red hair about shoulder lenght, no bangs, and green bluish eyes. But I guess you know Paige more than anyone and Paige is probably different for everyone.
Anonymous said…
Oh yeah! I am soo glad there is going to be a video about how to dress Canterwood style. Those clothes are soo cute and I always wish I could have them. Is it gonna be posted on this website cause I check this page everyday and I will want to see that as soon as it comes out.
Anonymous said…
Yea I really didn't imagine Paige like that but.....I thought all the others fit description perfectly especailly Jasmine,Heather, and Callie. Oh yea I think Julia is pretty but not how I imagined her.
Anonymous said…
ok Jess, i was wondering, how do you get PICKED to be a model 4 CC? i'm sure alot of us here would love to be on one of the the covers *hint*hint (me!) :)
Anonymous said…
GOD I love everyone's clothing in CC! I want all of it! Especially Jasmines clothing on Home Sweet Drama. They're so cute!
Adina said…
Got my prize yesterday Jess. Thank you. I LOVE IT! :D
Jenna said…
how can i be in a shoot??
Anonymous said…
That is NOT how I imagined Paige. I imagined her totally different and no offense, prettier. And she looks like shes like 5 years old in this pic, but she looks better and older in the second pic.
Anonymous said…
these books are the best cant put them down ever.When i started reading these books every girl in my class wants to read it and one of my bff's are fighting over them help me!

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