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Welcome, Paige Parker!

Photograph copyright © 2009 Monica Stevenson.

Introducing...Paige Parker!

I got the okay from Editor Kate to share a pic of Paige, so here she is. Finally! :) The model who plays Paige is sweet, funny and I love this pic of her. Paige will make her debut on the cover of CITY SECRETS (CC #9).

Hope you're all as excited to see Paige as I am to share the photo!


Joannah Orsatti said…
Haha! First comment. *superhero voice* ;-) I love her hair! Adorable! Is it naturally red? My hair is naturally red, not quite so though.
Has the cover for "City Secrets" Been made/shown yet?
Anonymous said…
Oh! Paige Parker is sooo cute!! I love her beautiful hair. Great photo by Monica.
DD said…
I'm so glad a photo is finally out. I can't wait for the cover of city secrets and I luvv her hair. I also can't wait for the new character.
Katie N. said…
come on show a pic of jacob and eric
Glad you guys like the pic! Joannah, the cover is made, but hasn't been shown yet.

And Katie, you'll never see pics of the boys because we aren't getting models for them. So, you'll just have to imagine them. :)
Jill/teameric said…
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW NOOOOOOOOOOOO i can never imagen jacob and eric <3
PLEASE get models
Joannah O said…
Thanks for answering my question. I have always wondered, do you get to pick the models for your covers? I imagine you get some say in your covers, right?
And do your models ever read your books? ;-) I think that would be pretty cool. Being the model you wouldn't have to imagine how they look, just look in the mirror. :-) lol.
How come you don't get models for the boys? :-)
Joannah O said…
I was also wondering if the models were how you imagined your characters. Sorry for all the questions. But as a wannabe author I'm very curious about things like that. :-)
Sara S said…
OMG! I Love the paige ppicture! she looks soooooo awesome!!!!!!
Thoroughbredstar said…
Omigosh! I love the picture of Paige. I agree I love her hair. She is soooo pretty. That's exactly how I pictured Paige.
Anonymous said…
i love her hair!!!!Paige is 1 of my fav charecters!! p.s. i'm reading book 7 now love em!
Kathryn said…
Cool! She looks exactly like I imagined her to look! :D
DD said…
I really wish you would get boys for eric and jacob. I'm sure there's some boy model out there who would pose.
Adina said…
When I saw that picture, I was like woah. That's not how a pictured Paige at allllll. But she does look nice. Nice hair. Plz try to get boy models for Eric and Jacob. I can imagine them, but it's hard. :)
Anonymous said…
I was just wondering when you were going to send out your autograph from the Equine Affair?
Annie C. said…
She is really pretty! Love her :]
Anonymous said…
OMG!!! she is sooo pretty. I have to say I imagined her with shorter hair though. Can you pleaaassse try to get models for Jacob and Eric?! Especially Eric. 8D
Like I said before, you should totally make a movie for Canterwood Crest!!! I just introduced my horsey friend @ school to the Canterwood Crest books, and she LOVES them! She's like literally addicted to them like I am. :D Wouldn't it be really cool if there was actually a school called Canterwood Crest just like that?! That's like, a dream reality school...(*wishful thinking*)....

Anonymous said…
so do you pick the models? Do our models read CC???

Do you know the models or are the like actors and have an agent?

I have been wondering so much!!!!
thanks jess!
Katie said…
she looks JUST like I imagined her. I showed it to my CC crazy friend today and Paige kind of looks like her, except with straight read hair and not blonde curly hair. But her face looks the same. haha. My friend is honored lol
Anonymous said…
You should post pics of the guys on here! I've been dying to c what Jacob and Eric look like.
Oh and a pic of Livvie would be cool.

You already have most of the horses, but I havent seen Luna and Pheonix.
Anonymous said…
That stinks!! I want to see Jacob and Eric!! We will if CC becomes a TV show(I hope it does!!!). It would be AWSOME if CC became a TV show!! I dont think I would be able to sit still!! LOL

Anonymous said…
I know wouldn't it be so cool if they made movie out of CC, i can't wait LWL when i saw Paige i was like holy cow, i thought she would have blonde hair but she looks great.

Team Jacob

P.S. You should sooooo show a pic of eric and Jacob, espescialy Jacob =)
Adina said…
It would be so cool, if there was a picture of Eric and Jacob(especially Eric). I hope CC turns into a movie or a tv show. That would be AWESOME!
Horselover 01 said…
ya, it would be totally awesome if there was a TV show series of CC. and i soo wish there were models of the guys.
Anonymous said…
I love her hair! Mine's going to be dyed red, and when I was convincing my Mom I told her,"I just want it red!"

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