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Quick note

Someone pretended to be me in the LWL discussion thread and I addressed the matter. Let's keep everything cool, 'cuz I don't want to have to moderate comments. Thanks, guys! :)


Anonymous said…
That is not cool!
Anonymous said…
no it is not. i saw that and i was like...whattt?
Anonymous said…
that's totally not cool...
Adina said…
Yeah, I saw it too. Whoever did it, that was not cool.
Anonymous said…
I know I was wondering why the name wasn't orange like normal. HaHa however did that funny joke(my voice is thick with sarcasm right now)halirous. I mean really?!
Joannah said…
Oh yeah! I didn't see that because I haven't read LWL yet so I dont want it spoiled. But I went to check it out because of what y'all said.

could that person be a little more obvious? What is the point. Probably some dope that has no sense :- /

Haha yeah. no. kidding! Be a little more obvious with your "I'm Jessica Burkhart . . . Really!!!" *rolls eyes* hehe . . . NO!!!

But yeah, that was so not cool.
Katrina said…
i read that and I was like, what? Jess has already finished Home Sweet Drama and is writing CIty Secrets so why woul she be asking for advice on HSD? Now it all mares sense. Lol.
Oh Mi Gosh! That is not cool!
Soo both comments were not u?
I only saw one comment that wasn't me--the one with my name spelled wrong. *All* of my comments will be with this user name and with me logged into my blog. :) Anyone else isn't me.
Anonymous said…
yeah. it wasn't blue and underlined and the name was spelled wrong. how dumb does that person think we are?! lol. oh well.
Ellie said…
sooooo not cool, not at all!
Sara S said…
ya when i saw it, i was wondering why the name wasnt blue and then i noticed the spelling... not cool!
Thoroughbredstar said…
Yeah and like why would Jessica say "If you see jessics Burkhart that's me" weeeeiiirrrd
JumperGirl said…
so not cool. thats sooooo mean dont ruin it for every one
JumperGirl said…
P.S. who ever did it didnt spell burkhart right. they spelled brukhart. check it out and you will see what i am talking about
Anonymous said…
Who would do that? It's not cool, it's downright rude! How lame?!
Joannah said…
Haha, yeah I agree. I think anyone who does that must be a total loser or something . . . ? :-)

Well, I don't know if I'm allowed to do this but I wanted to tell y'all about my new site,

There it is. Please tell me if this is not allowed Jessica. I'd appreciate it. I'd feel horrible if I did something I wasn't supposed to. :-(

Oh by the way, HAPPY NEW YEARS! . . . eve. :-) have fun staying up til midnight all!!
Kathryn said…
That's definitely NOT cool. I mean, seriously, someone trying to be you?! I hope that person doesn't do it again!
Thoroughbredstar said…
Joannah, I just went to your website. It seems cool my cousin has a blog similar to yours. :~)
Anonymous said…
happy new year's eve!!
Joannah--the link is totally fine. Everyone can decide for herself if she wants to click or not. :)
Joannah said…
ok, thanks Jessica. I'm glad. :-)

thoroughbredstar, glad you checked it out. :-)
Kelsey said…
Hey Jessica, when are you going to show us the pictures of 'City Secrets'? I really hope it's soon.
Wait, some one pretended to be you?!
How long have I been gone? I mean, I let my sister use the computer for awhile, then all this happens? wow, I hope no one does that again Jessica. But yeah, show us the pictures to City Secrets!
Kelsey said…
Hey Jessica, you know what I just noticed, everyone who's name is underlined & blue, has a link, how can I get myself a link Jess?
Please comment soon! =D
One of your biggest Fans
Thoroughbredstar said…
Kelsey, the people with blue highlighted names have blogs. You can click 'Create Blog' in the top right corner and make a profile and a blog, the you'll have a link too.
Hannah said…
i checked out your site Joannah. it's nice!! i like it!
Anonymous said…
Hi Jessica!!

My name is Nina,I'm 12 years old and I live in Spain.
I'm a HUGE FAN of your book!(Canterwood crest).I've read almost all of your book's and think they are fantastic!
Happy new year!!!

From Nina

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