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Vlog ideas? Share 'em!

I'm going to vlog soon (after the New Year) would love for YOU guys to suggest some possible topics or leave questions. If I pick yours, I'll say your name in the video and will give you a special shout out. So, leave as many ideas as you like here and look for the vlog in January.

You've got until January 4 (one week!) to leave ideas.



Anonymous said…
first comment! ok so i have a question.. what is a vlog? i wish i could come up with topics, but i dont know what a vlog is. ty!
Hey Anon! Vlogs are videos that I post to YouTube here:
DD said…
Do you want it to be about the books or can it be about like cloths or girly stuff.
Whatever you like! Totally up to you! :)
DD said…
Ok well heres an idea for the books. You could do like a behind the scenes vlog. You could talk about one book at time and you could say what it was like when you first wrote it and when it wasn't published. And tell us what you changed and how it would've been. That would be really interesting. Exspeccially(sry can't spell) for the first book.
Anonymous said…
Ooo! Behind the scenes vlogs would be awesome!
breyergirlx97 said…
1. Maybe a vlog with Editor K or a "Team barnhart" vlog of they have time. That would be fun
2. Tour of your writing space and/or apartment
3. What your writing process is
4. Your most fun writing memory
5. Your fave books
6. Your favorite clothing and/or accesories
Anonymous said…
Talk about the on site photo shoot, are the shoots grueling long hours for the models, author,editor whoever is at the shoot?Can't wait to see the vlogs.
These ideas are so great! And there are already behind the scenes vlogs of the photo shoots for the covers and those will be coming over the new year.

Love the idea of getting Editor K to vlog with me. I'm going to make her... :)
Anonymous said…
You could do a vlog on how long it normally takes you to write a book, if it's really hard to write it,etc. Author-y stuff! (If it's not too boring). OR you could take us on a tour of all the places you work @ like Editor K's office and where the covers are shot.
DJones said…
You could do a vlog about the last photo shoot for the books. I would love to see pics and videos from them and I LOOOOOOOOVE they're outfits! I think it'd be cool to see interviews with the models too if you interviewed them. :)
DD said…
Yeah I really want to see interviews with the models. When are you going to post those?
Hey Jess!
I thought maby u could put photos from all your photo shoots on a vlog and u could label which CC charecters they r or something.
Kathryn said…
Hey Jess!

1. Vlog with your editor
2. Vlog on writing tips. :)
3. Vlog telling us about the clothing in Canterwood.
4. Tour of your neighborhood
5. Tour of your favorite writing spots
Thoroughbredstar said…
1. It would be cool if we could see an interview with the models and 'Meet' Them, they could talk about what they like and stuff.


3.maybe tips on the publishing process.
(I'm writing a book and I'm on page 38 in size 12 font!)

4.How they design the covers (LOVE THEM:)

5. Where the jewelry the models where comes from!!

6.Make up tips from "Paige"!!!
Anonymous said…
You should vlog on tips for wrting and (hopefully) publishing!! Great idea!
Joannah said…
I say explain where you got inspiration for your newest and your first. Were you intending for your first book to be a series when you wrote it for NaNo Wrimo? Was Nano Wrimo worth it? How did you feel when you found out you would be published? Has this always been a dream or did it just come with time? Do you fall in love with your characters? Do you ever wish to go to Canterwood Crest yourself? Are you anything like Sasha?

Hehe, theres some tons of questions to choose from. I hope you choose some of mine. :-) They're odd ones but come one intertesting!!!

Are you going to write for older gilrs ever? Off the subject of horses? Are you a strictly horse writer. Or will we see other subjects in the future. You know what, Maybe I should just give you an just kidding. Well enough is enough. Thats all my questions!!! :-) lol Maybe more later.

I know!! Do a day in the life. That'd be cool. Well thats all!
joannah said…
Maybe show if your models are similar to the characters they play at all. Have the models talk about the books and how they imagine themselves in the books.
Thoroughbredstar said…
I agree that would be kool!
Thoroughbredstar said…
What horse and girl are on the back of triple fault?
DD said…
The girl on thr back of triple Fault is callie.
Thoroughbredstar said…
I knew that it was Callie. But which horse is it? It's not Black Jack.
Maci said…
I think seeing the models behind the senes would be cool! Or an interveiw with them.
DD said…
IDK who the horse is. But you also asked who the girl was.
Thoroughbredstar said…
Yeah just realized that srry :)
DD said…
Heres another idea. You could do like an advice vlog. If you pick this you could post that you are doing it and we could comment our problems and you can take a certain amount and answer them in a vlog.
Anonymous said…
I heard that you did some interviews with the Canterwood Crest book cover models... I was wondering, when are you going to post them?
Thanks! :-)
Anonymous said…
Hey Jess!
I was wondering:
1. When you wrote Take the Reins were you planning on publishing it and making a whole series?
2. How do you choose the models for the covers?
3. Did you base Sasha's personality off your own?
Thanks for considering these questions for your vlog!
I <3 Breyer!!! said…
Hey Jess!!
I have some ideas:
1. You could do an interview with the models.
2. Talk about the TV show/movie series that is going on at the moment.
3. Read a part of Rival Revenge (sort of like a sneak peak but not only the first chapter!)
4. Talk about ho you write and come up with ideas ('Cause I know a lot of writers do different things!)

Also, I have a question:

Everyone has been saying that they read the sneak peek to RR, but I haven't been able to find it on Amazon!!! Help Me!!!!

I love horses! said…
I just posted and wanted you to know that my name is: I love horses!!
I &*^ etc. Breyer!!

Thanks for considering ideas!!
Sara S said…
ok so i have an idea you could talk about all the canterwood charecters (what they do, their family, etc) and then compare them to the models and see how they are like the charecters, kinda like joannah said!
Katrina said…
To read the RR 1st chapter, you can go onto Barnes & Nobel's website, search Rival Revenge, and after you click on the pic of the book, scroll down the page till you come across the words 'read an excerpt'. Or you can just click on 'features' which is near the bottom of the page. I hope this helped!
Katie N. said…
a few tips and questions....
1. you could maybe give tips on writing
2. you could say stuff about horses (since you and i and other people love them!)
1. when are you going to post pictures of eric and jacob? (if you ever are, i hope you do!!!)
2. do you have a horse of your own?
Hope u like ideas!!!
Thoroughbredstar said…
Katrina, thanks for telling about the excerpt. I just went and read it! I can't wait until January 26 sooooo excited!
JumperGirl said…
OMG!!!! Thanks Katrina!! I went and read the first chapter and it was awsome!! i WISH i HAD IDEAS FOR THE VLOGs but i am blank.

Anonymous said…
Hey Jess!
What's going on with the tv series/movie thing? Are they really going to make a Canterwood movie?! That would be SOOO cool!
Sumney said…
You could talk about actors and actresses who you'd like to play the CC charactors if there was ever a movie or TV show and btw I love love love your books! I'm getting LWL tommorow, but the closest store I could find that has it is an hour and a half away! :( I preordered RR a few days ago. I have BE but haven't read it yet, because I have like 15 library books do next week so I have to jump on it! I can't wait until I am done with them! Don't get me wrong, they are good books but CC books are always the best!!! Thanks for the best books like EVER! Another Vlog idea, maybe you could talk about how high or low the chance of a TV show or movie adaptation is.
-Sumney (Pronunciation: Some knee. Like; "That's Some Knee, Sumney!" :D Get it? Sumney? Some knee! haha I crack myself up!)
Anonymous said…
I think it would be so cool if you did vlogs on...

-Behind the scenes at the photo shoots: I would love to "meet the models" and learn where the insanely cute clothes for the photos come from!:)

-The process of making/writing the books

-Writing/publishing tips sound great!
Anonymous said…
I would love to see how the covers of the books are made and designed! That would be so cool!
Who does all of that? Do you get a say in what the cover looks like? A vlog on this would be AWESOME!
Adina said…
Here's an idea. Maybe you could do an interview with the models/charecters. That'd be cool. Or talk about the horses. I have a question: Did you find models for Jacob and Eric? :D
Anonymous said…
I think it would be awesome if you did that a day in the life of Jess thing....I don't know who came up with that but I thought it sounded cool. I would love to hear about the models, writing tips,and just interesting things about you. The other idea I had was I would love to hear your inspiration for each characters. You could even do like 3 truths and a lie or whatever that game is called. I would really be interested in any vlogs though and I think everyone has great ideas.
Anonymous said…
^^ ditto. :)
thoroughbredthunder said…
hey i thought that it would be a great idea to interwiew the models and tell us about your insperation on all of your books and the characters, and you could show us how to dress like a cc girl you know things we could use in real life
Jill/teameric said…
if their is a movie will the models play the parts or not please answer in vlog
ccg5f said…
i think you should tell us what u are thinking about writing in your next books. And also tell us more about u ( what tpe pets, fav color, stuff like that)!
I love horses! said…
Thanks Katrina I'll go look right now!
Frank said…
Videoblogging is a question of what (content) and a question of technique or style. I love the very personal vlog style of Ryanne Hodson and her way of story telling. She is a pioneer of videoblogging and also the author of the book Secrets of Videoblogging which is very good as well.

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