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A random drawing has selected the winner of LWL! Congrats to...KACY L! Kacy, e-mail me to claim your signed copy of Little White Lies. Thanks so much to everyone who entered. :)

TGIF! What's everyone doing this weekend? I've got a few errands and am working on CITY SECRETS.


Anonymous said…
good luck!!!!! So i was wondering, do your models read CC?? And do you choose the models? do they have an agent or are they family friends or something???
Hi, Anon! The models *do* read Canterwood, which is so fun. My editor and amazing art team choose the models from agencies.
Anonymous said…
You should totally make a movie...yeah, I know, I keep on bugging you about it, but it would be so COOL!!! 8-D

Thoroughbredstar said…
I think it would be so cool if I was a cover model (Yeah Right) To read the book and see how my character acts and is described compared to me. I think all the models they chose are perfect! That pic of you and "Paige" is so cute! Congrats to the winner Hope you enjoy your copy of LWL!
Sara S said…
Yay for Kacy! hope you love LWL! I can't wait till i get mine in the mail(already pre ordered!)
Joannah O said…
Aw, oh well! I knew I wans't going to win anyway. Congrats girly! :-)
Annie C. said…
Lucky duck!
I am going to play a basketball game this weekend, and hopefully ride my horse.

Wondering.. where do your models get their clothes? They're so cute!
DJones said…
My plans for the weekend: stay inside because its like 25 degrees outside and stay on facebook!! When are you gonna be able to post the cover for City Secrets? I am literally dying to see it!
Gabby B. said…
congrats gril hope you like LWL i will as soon as i get mine (or borrow it from a friend Sara S.)

go team ERIC!

(and canterwood)

canterwood crest addict 14 said…
What i did this weekend: Christmas party at the barn! Riders made up a routine to do together with Christmas music and jumping and it was really fun! Then we had a Christmas party after with all the riders and a talent show and gift exchange! So fun! And I am SO excited for LWL!!! =D

go team eric!
<3 CC
Jumpergirl said…
I cant wait till my LWL comes in!!I "hope" we can see the cover 4 City Secrets soon!! Good Luck!!


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