Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Books = Gifts

The season is almost upon us? Trying to think of the perfect gift? Why not a book?

In these short videos, some awesome authors talk about why books make fantastic gifts for the holidays. :)

Books = Gifts Video One

Books = Gifts Video Two

Books = Gifts Video Three

For more info, check out this link! :)

6 shout outs:

Jill/teameric said...

first comment

Sara S said...

awesome! I always get a big box of books and I love reading them!

Anonymous said...

Are you in ary of the vidios jess? i would look myself but my computer wont let me see them :(

Adina said...

cool, they sound interesting. :D

Anonymous said...

Luved the videos!!Meg Cabots Pink Christmas tree was awesome,and who doesn't like Al Roper?Can't wait to see when you are on the Book Video..

Anonymous said...

Cool! I usually get a lot of books for Christmas or my birthday, so I really need a new bookshelf! :D
Maybe I should get rid of some books... uhh, NO WAY!!! 8-D


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