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Two bits of press

First, I wanted to say THANK YOU so much to everyone who has been emailing, Facebooking, Tweeting, etc at me about BEST ENEMIES. You guys absolutely rock and I've been reading every message, but am this close to finishing HOME SWEET DRAMA, so I can't reply to email right now. I will when I turn in the final draft and have a couple of days to reply.

There were two pieces of press that ran last week about my involvement in NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month. First, I was interviewed for Media Bistro and my article is part of a toolkit for people participating in this month's contest. You can see some of the article here and thanks to GalleyCat for featuring it.

Then, the SFist picked up the article and a columnist wrote about it. The article made me laugh because he said my NaNo tale was "inspiring/annoying." LOL. I can see that...

Back to revising!


Sara S. said…
Awesome! DO NOT GET DISTRACTED! FINISH HOME SWEET DRAMA! we(the fans who have gone crazy for CC) need you to writhe it so we can read it! lol kepp up the awesome work!
Thoroughbredstar said…
I loved Best Enemies, and can't wait for Little White Lies! I love the title for the ninth book and am excited for the cover.
Love the new background *Sparkly*
Sara S said…
sry no h in write lol
Thanks, guys! I won't get distracted, Sara! Don't worry. :)
Gabby B. said…
OMG your soo close to finishing HSD and then I can like party my head off with my BFF lol ... wait that is a good idea PARTY TIME! woo woo woo!

lol keep writing Jess.
Katie N. said…
OMG! you finished LWL!? well it should already be out! right, am i right? cant wait for it to come out! LOL! btw... there is 3 ways for lol, lots of love, laugh out loud, and like or love! LOL, LOL, LOL!!!!
Anonymous said…
lol! I cn't wait 4 it either. you left us hanging at the end of BE, ( if you read it you know what I'm tlking about* wink wink*) the think with jacob, I kind of guess it would happen.....but ANYWAY, i'm so glad that you almost done with HSD that's awsome!
Adina said…
Oh so that's what it means. I was wondering about that. I haven't read Be yet(since I'm in school), but I'll catch up.

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