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Aladdin MIX widget

Just wanted to share this cool widget from the new Aladdin Mix site! :)


Jill said…
hey jess why dosen't it have cc on it?
thats stinks
Sara S said…
it needs cc but otherwise, it's cool :)

ps is it soon yet? i really wanna see that coveR!=)
Hey guys! It does have CC on it (you can see it on It just got cut off because there wasn't enough room on my blog. :)
Thoroughbredstar said…
Jess on the last post you said there was the same Sasha model on all the books, are all the models the same??
Thoroughbredstar said…
Another Q,

And are the models on the website the same too?
Yep--they're all the same from books to Website. :)
Anonymous said…
awesome! it really does have CC!
Thoroughbredstar said…
Thanks for answering Jess, LOVELOVELOVELOVE the series, and Callie. . . . . And Allison!
Adina said…
Wow, that's a lot of books. Lolz. :D
Katie N. said…
Jess you have to answer this. ok?
well when are you going to post pics of jacob and eric?! i really want to see them!!!
Sara S said…
ugh mee too! need to see pics of jacob, eric, paige, luna, and phonix! plz get pics!

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