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And the title for book 9 is...

I didn't even know that the 9th Canterwood book was up on Amazon (no cover yet), but a supercool reader just sent me an e-mail saying it was there and she was excited. So, the ninth book is called CITY SECRETS and it comes out on July 10, 2010. Yay!

Also, the blog template is the process of getting a makeover. I love it!

Happy weekend!


Anonymous said…
Great title for the 9th book. I can hardly wait to see the cover.
Kathryn said…
Yeah! I'm excited! :D
PonyGal said…
Anyone watch the Breeder's Cup? Zenyatta won the classic! She went from dead last to winning by a length! Oh.... and she is the first female to ever win it! She has my vote for Horse of the Year.

That is an awesome title for the ninth book! Can't wait!
Adina said…
Cool title for the 9th book. Can't wait to see the over and read it. I love the new background, it's sooooooo pretty. :D
Bookworm said…
a) Love the new template
b) great title--I love it! Congrats, Jess! (:
Thoroughbredstar said…
Awesome title for the ninth book!
Can't wait to see the cover! Love th eseries
Gabby B. said…
Yay I am so happy that you are working on the later books! Cant the dates just arivve sooner?! I mean like i am dead! I just got back from a party and i am TIRED! O and I love the way you did your site it looks all new and shiny the redo is awesome!
Sara S said…
Omigosh! That is the book that will take place in manhattan with paige, right? BEST TITLE EVER!
And it comes out in my birthday month! yay! when can we see the cover? I know it will be awesome!

ps i love the knew background, it's so shiny and fab!
Katie N. said…
great new backround! that is what keeps people in touch. btw.... saying the title for the next book was great! really keeps everone in suspense!
Anonymous said…
LOVE your new blog template!
And the title for the 9th book is awesome!
I LOVED the Breeders Cup, and watched it with my dog. GO ZENYATTA!
Love the title! Will cover be here soon? cant wait!hmmm comes out my b-day month

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