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City Secrets (Canterwood Crest #9) cover to be revealed soon!

Hey guys!

I've been getting so many awesome notes about when the cover for CITY SECRETS will be revealed. The answer? Not sure yet. It's almost done and as soon as I get the okay to post it, you know I will! I can't wait for you all to see it--it's so gorgeous and fun!

Plus, there's a twist to this book that'll make it unlike any other Canterwood book before it. :)


Kathryn said…
Cool!! I can't wait to see it.
Anonymous said…
Ohhh!!! I can't wait to see City Secrets cover and to read the twist.
*Thoroughbredstar* said…
I can't wait to see the new cover. So excited!
OOOOOOOOOOH! A twist Can't wait to find out what it is.

P.S. I was the one who asked the three random Q's but I accidentally clicked Anonymous instead of Name/URL so I just stayed as Anonymous,but it was me sorry!
Cant wait to read the book and see the cover.
Ummmmm little hint on the twist plz?
Anonymous said…
OMG! Can't wait! Can soon, be like really soon?
Thoroughbredstar said…
Yeah, a little hint on the twist would be really nice Jess.
Like maybe, all of us get to read the books early!
DJones said…
OMG! I sooooooo agree with Thoroughbredstar that we should get to read it early. PRETTY PLEASE Jess! You know we're your biggest fans! LOL! And it would be awwesome if you gave us a hint about the twist too! :) :)
Anonymous said…
I cannot believe in CS that Sasha,Paige and...(dramatic pause)
HEATHER are spending the school together!

Can't wait for LWL!
Sara S said…
OMG! i cannot wait to see the cover, i will die when i do! and a twist! ooooh! and what about sasha paige and heather? i dont get what you're saying but i really wanna find out!
Gabby B. said…
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!! Jess i really need a book early or else i am going to die because i like dont really read other books then yours of course! Any way not to let any one down but will jacob remain a backstabber?! And i loved the date that Eric and Sash had i can get it out of my mind even though i read it a long time ago well type later bye

Sara S said…
sry that i am posting again, but i am SUPERSUPERSUPERSUPEREXCITED! NEED TO READ! jess if you don't release the cover soon, i will explode!!!!! and this is random but my teacher met a random author that wrote a lot of books named River Jordan at Kroger. weird, right?
Sara S said…
jess, i have a question. why does sasha have 2 different cover models? i don't think that they look very alike. I like the one on TF better than the one on LWL.
just wondering.
Sumney said…
I know what the twist is, because I read the synopsis on Isn't this the one, where they all got to NYC, to spend vacation together?
I *so* wish you all could read LWL early, but my publisher can't release it before the date it's supposed to come out. That's totally out of my control.

And Sara S, the cover models have been the same for all of the books. So, Sasha is the same on TF and LWL.

Sumney, there's a twist beyond that. :) Can't have Amazon giving away my secrets, LOL.
Jill said…
jess why did u have to say cs was going to be amazing now i can't wait :(
Sara S said…
Cool. i thought they were different! lol
Adina said…
Awesome, can't wait to read it. :D
Maggie said…
Are the same models on book 9? I hope so!

You should totally keep the models for all of your books (even if they are getting older).. it would be cool to watch the characters grow up! the models you have now are really good!
Anonymous said…
OK, Jessica, I hope you won't be mad at me but I think I might know a twist (or something like one) to Home Sweet Drama. Jasmine leaves, right? It says on this website that was on the back of Little White Lies, and it says ask Jasmine, but oops, she's back at Wellington Prep. Gosh, I don't think I can wait for January 26, let alone April or September.
Good job!
Keep on writing!
Anonymous said…
OH! OH! OH! is the twist that there wont be any horses!? cuz its in NYC?! ooh please tell us!
D said…
Omg after that last book i really cant wait for city secrets!!!!!!

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