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Event cancellation

To those I was sooo looking forward to seeing at the Equine Affaire, I'm yet again under the weather and can't make it today. I'm so sorry and I hope you all enjoy the events.


Katie N. said…
ohhhh! hope u feel better jess!
Anonymous said…
I am so sorry you missed the Equine Affair. Get better soon!
Maria Diaz said…
LUV UR BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I almost missed out on Bhind the Bit and Triple Fualt but I am in order now!Keep up the good work! By the way are the characters real people???
Gabby B. said…
I am so Sorry you are felling bad again i hope you fell better! :D

:D :P :X XD XP ;( :):-) :-(

Smiley faces are awesome!

Thoroughbred said…
aww feel better Jess, sorry you missed the equine affair :(
Sara S said…
awww fell better soon =( ya know we luv ya!
Adina said…
Awwwww, poor jess! I hope you feel and get better soon. :(
Kathryn said…
Aww. So sorry that you can't make it! Feel/get well soon!! :)
Emily B said…
Hope you feel better! We missed you at Equine Affaire! I was really bummed when I found out. I lugged my 5 books around the whole day. Oh well, there's always next year! Feel Better!

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