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I think (hopefully!) I'm back to regular blogging. I was really sick for 3 days or so and am finally back on my feet and feeling like normal. I was going stir-crazy after forcing myself *not* to do work after the 2nd day of being sick. But I think it was good to take a break. I'm only going to work for a couple of hours today, then I'm done. Got a sparkly event on Friday that I have to be in perfect shape for, so I'm okay with taking a slow week and then working like a crazy person over the weekend.

I hope everyone had a great Halloween! If you dressed as a Canterwood character, please email me a pic! I'd love to see. I've already seen a photo of a reader as Heather Fox and it was soooo cool. :)

And, um, the countdown to NEW MOON is drawing closer! How exciting is that?! I. Am. Ready. Now.


Kathryn said…
Aww! I hope you're feeling better! I hope it wasn't anything serious.. :)
Anonymous said…
Yay for New Moon! I read the books but my mom won't let me see the movies :( idk why
Emily B said…
Hey Jess! I sent my address to you for the prize winning. Hope you get it!
I got everyone's address who emailed me so far. Thanks, girls! :)
Adina said…
I'm glad you're feeling better yet. I don't known why people are fasnicated with New Moon. That seems soooooooooo stupid to me, I will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever read the books are see the movie. :)
Anonymous said…
hey jess! I'm so glad your feeling better! we can't have our fave author getting sick now can we?! I JUST finished Best enemies! Best. Book. Yet! keep up the good work Jess!
Katie N. said…
jess i was sick too! for three days too! i think its just probobly a short virus. btw...
love the books and do keep up the good books!
Anonymous said…
So sorry to hear you were sick. Yeah!! New Moon is coming, but not fast enough for you!
Anonymous said…
Love your books, a great series my daugther and I can read together. She can't wait for the next one to them to come out. As soon as she has one she has it read within one day! One note as a fellow equestrian. When a horse trots you do not change to be on the correct lead as you have mentioned in your books. This would be changing your diagonal You are on your diagonal at the trot and your lead at the canter. Thanks for the great books and we can't wait for the others!
Sara S said…
Oh ya, it is the diagonal for trotting and the lead for cantering. lol i should have known i ride. =)
Ally H. said…
Ally H. said…
Gabby B. said…
Jess this is just for you:

Jess's fav things:
lip gloss
French vanilla flavored coffee
movies with pirates
Gilmore Girls DVDs
tea (green, white and mint are the best!)
pink, shiny things

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