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Thanks, Dolbear6!

She was the first to email me to say a NEW title for the #10th Canterwood Crest book has been released on Amazon.

It is....


Yaaay! :)

Can't wait for the CITY SECRETS cover to go up. I think you guys will heart it. <3

As soon as I've got time to sit down and write a decent blog entry, I've got a few things to share with you guys (not Canterwood related), so look for that soon.


Kathryn said…
Yeah! I cannot wait and great title choices. :)
Thoroughbredstar said…
LOOOOOOOVE the title!
I can't wait to see the CS cover and now this new one!!!!!!!

first the series was 4 books then 8then 12, how about 16?!?!
Sara S said…
LOVE IT! i am going to amazon right now! it gonna be awesome! oooh and 16 books woulb be AWESOMETASTICAL!
Adina said…
Cool name, can't wait to read it. :D
Anonymous said…
Yeah! Luv the name ,can't wiat to read it!
Katie N. said…

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