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First NYC school visit

I just finished my first NYC school visit. I spoke to a group of sixth graders at Pershing IS-220 and we had a fun visit. They even gave me flowers--so sweet! I ran through my Power Point and the kids asked great, engaging questions.

The best part? I didn't spill coffee on my skirt (and I mean a LOT of coffee) until I was heading down the stairs to leave. Win!

Thanks so much to Lucia Greenberg for being a fantastic host. She took photos of the event and got releases from the students' parents, so I'll be able to post pics to my blog soon.

Gotta do some writing before heading into Manhattan for an appt. Happy Monday!


Anonymous said…
Hi Jess,Congrats on your 1st NYC school visit. Your flowers are sooo pretty!!
Kathryn said…
Aww! That's so sweet that the kids gave you flowers! I hope you had a great time. :)
Katie N. said…
that is soooo awesome! you should deffinitly come to my school! oh and you want to know what a boy did to me when his mom and him stopped by my house? well we went into the basement and he threw a barbie doll at my head! and it even left a mark and a bruise!
Thoroughbredstar said…
Congrats Jess on your 1st visit to a NY school. Its cool they gave you flowers, they're pretty.

No it was not a happy Monday teachers shouldn't be able to give homework on Mondays, TOO TIRED! Lol
Anonymous said…
Any news on the Equine Affair? It's getting closer.....
Gabby B. said…
I want you to come to TN to my school so i can talk to you!
Anonymous said…
Three Random Questions

Do any riders at CC ride Western?


Do you like polka dots or Stripes more?


Who is your favorite CC Character?

Sara S said…
ya gabby and i want you to come to TN and talk to our sixth grade class!
Anonymous said…
Haha spilling coffee Really sucks. Trust me, I've been there. But hey, at least no one saw it.

Yeah...anyway, I hope you have fun in Manhattan! It's really super cool that you're doing all these school visits.
Gabby B. said…
ok i know the Q's are for jess but i want to awnser them!

1 I am not sure

2Polka dots sefintly

3 I love Paige!

And Eric!!!
Anonymous said…
Good answers Gabby.

I LOVE Polka dots :)
I think Paige is really Cool
Gabby B. said…
yay thanks anon. I love Paige And Eric!
Sara S said…
Ohh i wanna answer questions!

1) idk
2) striped polka dots! lol
3)I am just like sasha so sasha! and i love eric! but NOT jacob! he is so mean to callie :( i fell so bad now she has no boyfriend and she didn't make the YENT. :(
Anonymous said…
Jacob is being mean, and at the end of BE OMG!
Striped Polka dots, interesting!

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