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Reminder: Hampton Classic tomorrow

Just a reminder that I'll be signing copies of TAKE THE REINS at the Hampton Classic tomorrow. It should be awesome and I'm hoping we don't get rained out by the storm. I called and they said the show will go on unless it starts to lightning. Fingers crossed.

Writingwritingwriting RIVAL REVENGE (so if I owe you an email, sorry, it's gonna take me a while!).

Got an author event tonight and it should be fun!


Have fun tonight!
You may owe me an e-mail but thats o-k if it takes a while.Hope you do not get rained on. Wish I could be there to have you sign my copy of Take The Reins.Glad you are writing writing Rival Revenge.
Adina H. said…
I'm glad your rushing to finish Rival Revenge Jess, but don't over do yourself. Kepp writing great books, I right a few myself.
valerie m. said…
cant wait for rival revenge!!

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