Friday, August 7, 2009

Stock signing (or book stalking) at Barnes & Noble

After getting nails done with BFF, I ran over to B&N and saw...Triple Fault! Yaaaay! I signed all of the books and they have the cool green stickers that say "autographed copy." Love. Those.

I just stood there for a second and stared. Four books look kinda pretty. :)

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Anonymous said...

Sweet :) I was supposed to go to Barnes and Nobles right now but my mom won't take me because shes being lazy and watching TV :( But she promises to take me tomorrow so I'll be obsessed reading them for the rest of the day.

Yeah I read pretty fast xD

Anonymous said...

Lucky! I wished I lived in New York City!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the fourth book Jess...can't wait until it gets shipped to my house

Anonymous said...

Ahhh I got the the book earlier today and I finished it an hour ago! Jess seriously im going to get a huge box and ship myself to NYC to your snail mail thing and then im going to sneak into your house and steal the next books :) no im not crazy lol

pretty soon people are going to replace team edward with eric and keep jacob the same !



Jessica Burkhart said...

Thank you guys SO much!

Michelle, your comment had me laughing like crazy. I dare you to mail yourself, LOL. ;) And go Team Eric!

Anonymous said...

Wow that Barnes and Noble shelf layout looks JUST like the one near me, which town is that store in,can u tell me?

Crave for Canterwood Crest said...

That is so cool!

Anonymous said...

i got the triple falut at my B&N on augest 9th early finshed 2days after! love canterwood crest 4ever!

Leefatay said...

Hm, I've seen better.

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