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Team Jacob or Team Eric?

The superawesome Michelle made these!! Michelle, they are AMAZING and I looove them!! :) Thank you so, so much! Grab 'em here!


Haha, cool! I'm still not sure which team I'm on.... is there a team Charm? hahaha =P
Bookworm said…
Hmm...still not sure. I've only just finished Take the Reins, but I like Jacob. A lot....So my vote's probably in for him. Heck, I don't even know who Eric is yet! (:
Kathryn said…
Team Eric for sure, but it would be cool to have a team Charm, Sasha,Callie,Trio and others ;)
Katie said…
Oohhhh...thats hard to chose. For sweetheart, I'd pick Eric. For cuteness, I'd pick Jacob
Michelle said…
Haha Katie did you read triple fault yet? If you havent wait to judge :)because i can almost guarantee by the end of the book youll love eric if your anything like me.
Anonymous said…
Team Eric for sure!!!
Before Triple Fault it would be Jacob
but after reading Triple Faults it is totally Eric!
My final anser is ERIC!!
Anonymous said…
OMG!That's a really hard one! Jacob was by far my fave until reading Triple Fault now i'm hving a hard time deciding. Eric is REALLY sweet and really likes Sasha(very loyal). Jacob is so uber cute(well i my mind he is)and...well...and..I just like him !! So my final decision.....drum roll please is.........Team Jacob!
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Team Jacob!! Hello!! :)
Anonymous said…
i <3 them both but what do they look like

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