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Hampton Classic

Hey guys!

If you're looking to run into me, come to the Hampton Classic on August 29th! I'll be there on Kids' Day doing interviews and probably signing books. If you're under 12, you get in for free, which is totally awesome.

I'll be there all day, so I hope if you live in or near the Bridgehampton area that you'll come on over. :) It'll be fun!


Shelli said…
I think Alyssa told me you were doing the Decatur book fest? Id love to meet you since we are with same agent :)
Shelli said…
oops I forgot to say I live in atlanta :)
I'll be there! Are you going to the festival?
Kathryn said…
That sounds cool! If only I lived close to New York... Have fun Jessica!
I do not live in New York but it would be fun!
Bookworm said…
Awww, lucky you! I wish I lived in NY...could you come to CA, please? (: The Hampton Classic sounds so goal is to ride the junior hunters there one day......(: Have a blast!
Anonymous said…
Im from NY. :) currently in NJ. Ew. Suburbs. lol. I would come but im more into dressage... jumping bores me lol
Shelli said…
yes I am going to the festival and signings. Ill introduce myself. This is the georgia Decatur festival - if anyone is in Georgia. Not NYC. :)

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