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Deadline craziness

Blogging is going to be sporadic since I leave Friday morning for the Decatur Book Festival in Decatur, GA. It's going to be so much fun! I will, however, be vlogging and Tweeting from the event. I speak at 2:30pm on the Children's Stage. I'll be talking about all things Canterwood and am trying to make the talk funny/informative.

I'm also turning in RIVAL REVENGE on Thursday, so I'm responding to zero e-mails at this point. I'm not ignoring any of you (readers), I promise! I will e-mail you back as soon as I can. If you snail mailed me, I'll work on that soon too. Thank you so much for all of your notes! I do read and appreciate each one!

Back to editing...I don't want Editor Kate to throw the manuscript at my head. Or shred it into tiny pieces in front of me. Or cross out every page with a red Sharpie. It could happen, you know... ;)


Cant wait for Rival revenge to come out.Have fun w/ speaking at the childrens stage.
Thanks! And she totally won't. I was kidding. :) She's the best--I get the most awesome stickers on parts of the manuscript that she likes. :)
I hope you finish writing soon(no pressure) I just got TF and read it in two hours. ;( now I have nothing to read! LOL. can't wait for Rival Revenge!!
hope you finish soon! (no pressure) I just finished readin TF annnd I read it in like two hours :( I can't wait for rival revenge!!!
Adina said…
Dont work to hard Jess, but get that book out soon. I haven't even read the 4th one yet! I'm in school so its hard to get one. Good luck on your speech. Stay relaxed.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
JESS! I've been looking ALL OVER for your email && I can't find it! LOL?!
Help, by chance?!

Your Dedicated Fan,
Kathryn said…
It's in the corner under Jess's picture.

Here it is:

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