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Canterwood Crest video from Lauren

I was just to get offline last night when I got a YouTube message from Lauren aka JazztheJumper. She said she loved Canterwood and she also made the above video. Lauren, thank you SO much! I looove the video and hope everyone else does! Team Canterwood!


Anonymous said…
That's a Cool Video!
Michelle said…
Hey, Jessica I made something. xD

Go to this URL...

Okay this isnt even funny anymore I'm obsessed with Canterwood ... :)
Kaylyn said…
Lauren rides with me. I've basically adopted her as my horse little sister since we don't have very many younger kids that show. I love her to death. :)
Lauren said…
Hey! Thanks so much for writing about me! Oh, and thanks Kaylyn, your my "horse mom" now! LOL
Bri Meets Books said…
That is so cute, Jessica. You deserve all this love! You're like the horse generation's Ann Martin (I HAVE TO MAKE A BSC reference once a day) it seems. If I was 12, 13, 14, I'd be making a video as well (huh, like I'd let that stop me!).
Anonymous said…
Jeesica it'sme jujuh222 I email u I made a slide show meaning 2 send it 2 u great cliff hanger on TF Omigod can't wait 4 Oct litlerly can't wait!
Thats a super cool movie !
Jess I bet you were so surprised to see that good of a movie about the totally awsome Canterwood Crest books!
Anonymous said…
AWESOME video! I totally luhved it.
Anonymous said…
i made something too...

I <3 this site! Jess u Rock my world! I didn't make anything btw.. But go to

It rocks!! Talk to you later!
Anonymous said…
These books are the best books ever!!!!! I am a total horse freak you made me an even bigger one!!! You should really try to make a movie for each book. I would buy every single one! At first I got the first three (I read them 89 times) then after I finished them I decided to write a book I'm still working on it. You inspired me to write you are my idol

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