Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thanks, Katelyn!

A quick note to say THANK YOU to Katelyn for sending me the first fan e-mail about TRIPLE FAULT. Katelyn, that was so, so sweet and Editor Kate and I loved it. :) You rock! Team Canterwood!

To everyone who has been asking--TF is available in some stores now (like Barnes & Noble), at Amazon and will be showing up everywhere else very soon. Thanks so much for already looking for it! :)

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Butterscotch Pony said...

I'm gonna try to buy Triple Fault before the local grange fair this week. I'll be there all week with my goats and i need somethin to read!!!!!!!

dressageblossom said...

So Triple Fault is in Barnes and Nobles now? I checked when you first said it was shipping or whatever and it wasn't there :(

Anonymous said...

I have to wait until August 16th the get Triple Fault :( I resevered a copy at Books-A-Million, (the open you had your book signing at Jessica!) and I have to wait until the second shipment comes in on the 16th! I'll defininetly review the book when I'm finished with it! I'm sure it will be Fabulous!!

~Kathryn :D

Crave for Canterwood Crest said...

I got Triple Faults today.
Any of you who have not read it are going to love it!!

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