Sunday, August 9, 2009

Best. Readers. Ever.

I usually don't blog on the weekends, but I had to! I asked my readers for help (leaving reviews of Triple Fault on book seller Websites of their choice in return for a super sparkly signed postcard) and you guys responded like I never expected. I mean, I know I have the most amazing, loyal readers, but your notes about Triple Fault (that's *technically* not even out yet!) have been so, so lovely. I appreciate every one and if I owe you a postcard, it'll be in the mail next week. Keep 'em coming and I'll keep visiting the post office. :) I appreciate EVERY review and Team Canterwood is AWESOME!


I had a busy weekend. Some of the things accomplished:

Edits on Little White Lies

Wrote 12 new pages of Rival Revenge (and hey, it's not even 6pm. There's still time for more!) There's a story behind this, btw. On Friday, I had this convo with BFF:

Me: So, I want to get 70 new pages this weekend.

BFF: That's great--totally good goal. And you're taking Saturday off, right?

Me: *blinks* How can I if I want to write 70?

BFF: *you're-an-idiot stare* I thought you said 7 pages.

Me: No, 70.

I realized soon after that convo ended that 70 a) was insane and b) wasn't gonna happen. So I missed my goal. But oh, well. I'll be happy if I hit 20 pages for the weekend.

Edited the first 30 pages of RR on paper

Cleaned my apt

Read some manuscript pages aloud to friends' felines--not sure if they liked some parts, but you know, I'll rewrite.

Sent a half-dozen e-mails to schools in Baltimore about author visits.

So many of you were also working this weekend. Update me!


April A said...

I didn't work this weekend, I usually don't, but I want to start doing more. It's not like I have the busiest life ever and don't have the time. I do read a lot on weekends though.

I did some organizing this weekend. I really need to toss things out so that I can buy things I want and make this place more my style.

Jessica Burkhart (Jess Ashley) said...

My friend and I made a pact NOT to work at least one day on the weekend, but we totally broke it this weekend.

Next weekend? A day off even if I have to hand my laptop to someone and be like, "Keep it!" LOL

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica

Today I reached 12,677 words in my novel after a couple weeks. I'm so excited. I also wrote the prologue to the other novel I'm writing. My dad took my sisters and I bowling and I bombed it the second game. I watched the movie Bride Wars with my mom and sisters. Haha it was *so* funny.

GoldenHorseSHoe said...

Hey Jessica,

Do you already have the pictures taken for the 9-12 books? If not, I think you should have acontest for someone or their horse to be a cover model!

Michelle said...

Agreed with Golden Horse Shoe. And I bet that if you say that they can have the new books early everyone would want to be the cover model, including myself. :D

Haha you read the book to your friend's cats? Ohkay lol xD

Kathryn said...

I worked hard this weekend :)
I can Never take a day off because there's only 2 weeks of summer left and I'm going crazy! I just have to finish my handwritten novel, (it's 68 notebook pages long, front and back!) I have no clue of how many words I've written but I'm on Ch. 13 out of 16 chapters, so that's exciting!

I also Have to finish my GHC short story and it's tough because I have many distractions...

I hope I can finish everything before school starts!
By the way, I can't wait until the covers for books 9-12 are revealed!

Anonymous said...

I organized a corner of my room where everything was thrown and then had a Write Night with some friends that ended up as more talking than writing. But I did get a few pages done!!

Bookworm said...

This weekend I sat down with Canterwood Crest #1 and didn't finish till I was done! LOVED it! Review coming soon, and of course I will post on Amazon!

Crave for Canterwood Crest said...

GoldenHorseSHoe that is a great idea!
So I do get to try out right?
Jessica, I can't believe you are going to try for 70pgs on Rival Revenge even if it probly will be 20.
I am working on a little book myself and can write about 1pg at at a time.
Then take a 1hr break and then maby
work again.

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