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Happy birthday, R!

Another day of crazy. Gotta write a zillion words (or my Excel sheet will continue to tell me that I will not finish RIVAL REVENGE until July 2010 (!!!). And if I don't pick up my laundry, the cleaners will probably keep it. I'm about to have to wear BFF's clothes that she left here the other night.

Usually, I'm very OCD about keeping things neat and clean. But empty boxes from Fresh Direct haven't moved since Monday morning, my sink is piled with dishes and I'm ignoring cleaning. Too focused on book.


Tonight is supersparkly because it's RA's birthday!!! There will be amazing food, drinks and fun--we *never* have a boring night out.

So, happy birthday, Ross! *throws confetti*


Anonymous said…
Jess! Hey, I just wanted to send you a shout-out! I'm O*****. (Not allowed to give name out!) xD But my internet name is Lark. Sorry for the confusion. :P
Just wanted to say that you have inspired me so much, and that I adore the CC series. (Can... October... come... any.... faster!)
Triple Fault was AMAZING and I read it in about nine hours. It was that good!
I'm not sure how you can write a book EVERY THREE MONTHS! Seriously, that is amazing! You're my idol! *kitten eyes*
Can't wait 'till October and November. NEW MOON! *squeal*
Sorry, I'm all over the place! PEACE OUT!
Uh Oh.
I do not want that to happen.
Please get it done!!!!!!!!!!
Adina said…
Hey jess. I I'm so looking forward to read all the CC books. I'm adiccted to the new series. Keep working hard, your another one of my favortie authors. :)

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