Sunday, October 5, 2008

Halloween decorations! Pics galore!

Desktop display

In the kitchen


Close up of mantle

Close up of mantle 2

Sooo, it's time for Halloween decoration pictures! If you remember from last year's assault of Halloween posts, it's probably my favorite holiday. I absolutely adore Halloween and even though I'm too much of a wimp to watch scary movies (I hear chuckling, friends!) I love, love it.

Last year, I posted these on October 1. And pictures of Martha Stewart's Zombie Craft here. Then, you've got your Halloween cookies. Finally, pics of me in my Regis and Kelly 3-D glasses. ;)

That was 2007. I'm kicking off Halloween 2008 with the above pics to start! There will be many more Halloween pics to come over the month. :)

Yesterday, I went to a Halloween outlet to look for a certain someone's Halloween mask (they were OUT, boo!) and the displays were freaking scary! Fake blood...I, um, can't handle it. Maggie
says I'm very Victorian with my fainting tendencies and I guess I can't disagree. No, I didn't faint from fake blood and super-creepy Halloween displays, but I could have. I think. Eek. And I wasn't jumpy the rest of the day. No way. ;)

If you've got Halloween decorations or will be putting them up soon, I'm tagging YOU to post pics!

4 shout outs:

Kelly said...

Halloween is HUGE in our house! My children make me put ours up the last weekend in September.
Your decorations are awesome!

Jessica Burkhart said...

Thanks! I hope you post pics of yours. :)

Kim Kasch said...

Halloween is sooo much fun. I was going to pull out the boxes this weekend but got worn out by a 50th year wedding anniversary and a double birthday party.

It will have to wait until next weekend unless I get an extra dose of energy this week.

Thanks for sharing the pics.

Jessica Burkhart said...

I know what you mean, Kim! Decorating IS a lot of work.

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