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Halloween socks and randomness

My awesome Halloween socks! (There, you needed a visual EK!) So far, I've watched MONSTER HOUSE (adorable) and PRACTICAL MAGIC (Nicole and Sandra--a perfect onscreen pair!). I've got THE WITCHES and something else (I forget!) to watch next. I've also been considering the Johnny Depp version of SLEEPY HOLLOW...but I'm too scared. LOL I love me some JD, but don't know if I can make it through the movie. People who have watched it, where does it rate on the scary factor?

This weekend, I might try a new recipe--white chocolate covered pretzel rods with little faces that make them ghosts. They sound cute and I think I'll need a few hours off from drafting.

I'll share pics of my weekend Halloween baking on Monday.


Cute socks. :) Make sure you take pics of the ghost pretzels.
Alyson Noel said…
You're going to MAKE the pretzels????
Move over Martha Stewart!
Haven't seen the JD movie- but it's on my list!
Heather Harper said…
I don't think the Sleepy Hollow movie is that scary. It's creepy and atmospheric, and maybe moderately scary. But I watch hard core horror, so my tolerance is high.
I'll definitely do that, Keri.

Noooo way, Alyson!! I'm buying the pretzels and chocolate, lol. I'll just be dipping them into the warm chocolate. That's as Martha as I get! :)
Ah, okay, Heather. Hmmm...I worry about your high tolerance though, LOL! :)
Erin said…
Love the socks.

Ooh, WATCH SLEEPY HOLLOW! I am not a fan of horror (LOATHE that genre, actually), but I loved Sleepy Hollow. It's a little scary, but mostly gory. Anyway, it's such a good movie.
Stephanie J said…
Love the socks! I need to get some fun ones!

The Witches... is that the one with Anjelica (sp?) Houston? Where they have purple eyes and pull off their faces? RD..genius in his storytelling! I can't tell you how many people haven't seen the movie. Heck, most haven't even heard of it! Which amazes me...I always think it's super creepy.
Yeah, Erin, I'm with you on the horror loathing. It's NOT for me at all. But I'll try to watch it! :)

Steph, yep the Anjelica (don't know the spelling either, lol) H movie. I watched it soo many years ago and thought I'd try it again now that I'm into the middle-grade field. :) I loved the book when I was a kid.
Kim Kasch said…
I love the socks.

Try 30 Days of Night or I am Legend or 28 Days Later, or . . . I could go on all night. Sleepy Hollow - not so much - but I do love JD.

And I love the idea of the ghosties. I might have to try to make something scary this weekend too. Like meringue ghosties with chocolate chip eyes - yum.
Jessica V. said…
As a fellow Jessica AND pub house sibling, I can HIGHLY recommend the Sleepy Hollow movie. But then that might just be my ulterior motives talking...Love me some Sleepy Hollow. ;) *It does have some gruesome bits though, but you can pretty much tell when they're coming so you can close your eyes.

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