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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Canterwood Crest quiz

Which Canterwood Crest girl are you?
Click here to find out!

The quiz is now up on the Canterwood Crest Website! I think it's fun and cute. :)

Totally random, but I'm getting SUPER excited about the Twilight movie. Crazy excited. Like maybe I should read Twilight for the third time excited. I can't wait.

This weekend, I'm going to be a hermit and stay in. I'll be writing non-stop and getting that word count meter bar moving.

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harmonybookreviews said...

I'm Sasha too :)

I can't wait for the Twilight movie either. I'm not really sure when (if) I'm going to see it, though. But hopefully I will :)

Jessica Burkhart said...

Same thing here! I don't know when I'll get to the theater, but I want to! :)

Freedom Star said...

I'm also Sasha! Team WIN!

I'm also excited for the Twilight movie. It seems like they tried to keep it as close to canon as possible which is good.

Emma said...

I am Alison! I LOVE your books sooo sooo much and i have the complete series!

Anonymous said...

Love your books!! On #14 KEEP WRITING! :D

Anonymous said...

i got Sasha!! Jessica I really love yor books! they are the best EVEEEER!really. BTW, I live in MExico and there´s only one place to get the books(that I know) but probably im getting a kindle so i can get the books easier (but really i prefer paper copies). the store where i buy the books run out of them and they have plenty so I already ask to call me when they have the others!! im so happy! im going for them this weekend! they haven´t called yet but i will go check cause i really need them! they aren´t a want they are a need.
thanks 4 such great books,
greetings from mexico!!
p.d: i want to get to know you some day!

Rakshitha Venkateshalu said...

I love reading this book I love all the characters I'm this book JESSICA BURKHART is awesome keep reading her books.

CCGirl said...

I read the first book in less than a week!! I love the books so much that I can't stop reading!
My friends say that the books are weird but what do they know! Never judge a book by its cover!

CCGirl said...

I'm Sasha Silver!!

Anonymous said...

im obsessed with this book ! I literally read "take the reins" in one day ! my fave carature is LT and callie. all of them horse crazy funny pretty and i love it! right now im on#14 and getting #15 soon!

Anonymous said...

oops ! wrote character wrong.hehe

Anonymous said...

ccgirl?your the actor for cc?or did you get that on the quiz???????????????btw i got alison! do you think they have a quiz for the new books? btw if you read #14 ,then poor lauren!!!and hellooooooooooo drew

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