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Halloween cookies

On of my supporting characters in my MG book is a baker. She wants to be the next Rachael Ray or Martha Stewart. Now, I'm no domestic goddess but in the spirit of embracing my character, I decided to make Halloween cookies. Not many, but a few. What do you think? If you look closely, you'll see that the pumpkins' eyes are either baby chicks (Easter sprinkles) or tiny bats. The thing I do best? Make colored frosting. That I can do. :)

To the NaNo people, the forums are finally fixed! Yay!


Anonymous said…
So cute! I don't do Halloween cookies yet, but I love to make and decorate cookies at Christmas. So much fun!
Emily Marshall said…
Halloween cookies look good!!!!

Does this mean you are doing NaNo again? I'm doing it this year again as well. I'm looking forward to it. I can't remember if I met you on the boards last year or if it was in NaEdMo boards. But I'll try to friend you there if I can figure it out soon.

Writing Angel said…
Love these! We don't do Halloween in New Zealand but I'm all for cookies.
Thanks, April! :) You'll have to post pics of your Christmas cookies on your blog.

Hey Emily! I WANT to do NaNo again, just as long as I'm not working too much on edits. Hopefully, I'll be able to do both. Hmm...I can't remember where we met but I think it was NaNoEdMo.

I'm all for cookies, too, Writing Angel! :) LOL
Erica Ridley said…

There's a NaNoEdMo?! Where have I been???
No kidding, Erica! Jeeze, just miss out on EdMo! LOL ;)

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