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Great Halloween Reads

I wanted to do a quick Halloween book round up! These are some of my favorite Halloween books that I've either read this year or in years past. They're spooky, scary and perfect reads for this season! :)

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Classic, right? The good old Headless Horseman tale is frightening and it'll keep you up all night! I love it.

Tantalize grabbed me when I saw the cover. (I know, bad me for picking a book that way...) The plot blew me away and I fully plan on reading it for a second time this weekend. It's one of those books you can't forget.

Ah, Bliss! Lauren knows I almost didn't even open it because I was too scared. I'm sooo glad that I did! It's creepy, oh yes, but the pacing is INSANE. (Seriously, L. Kudos!) My favorite parts are the journal entries and the d'oh! moment when I figured out who was writing them.
Finally, though a fantastic read for any season, the Twilight series certainly is fun for Halloween. Y'all know the story, so I don't have to gush.

What are some of your fav Halloween reads?


More books to add to my list! Thanks so much, Jessica. I used to read Sleepy Hollow every year to my students. Love it. And LM is one of my favorite authors of all time and she's super nice. I can't wait to read Bliss. :)
I really want to read Sleepy Hollow and Bliss.

I can't really think of any YA level books that I found creepy...

I Am the Cheese by Robert Cormier is kind of psychologically scary. Such a good book.


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