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Interview and NaNoWriMo 2008!

Today, I'm being interviewed by a writer for a local magazine. The magazine is interested in featuring me in a future issue and I'm meeting the writer this afternoon. I'm excited and it should be fun. :)'s exactly one month until my favorite writing event--National Novel Writing Month--begins!! Yay!! I heart NaNo and it's soooo much fun. Writing 50,000 words in 30 days is the craziest and hardest writing challenge I've ever done, but I keep doing it each year. :) I'm not sure where I'll be in my draft on November 1, but I'm trying to schedule things so I can start something new for November. We'll see how that goes.

So, if you haven't friended me on NaNo, please do! I'm "jessicab_87" and I'd love to add you to my friend list. The forums are already busy with activity and I'll be popping in and out on those over the next couple of months. Love it.

Who's with me for NaNo '08?


I've never done NaNoWriMo, but I want to.. Maybe, this year, I'll go for it.. :)
You should SO do it, Keri! :)
Kelly said…
Whoa! That's a whole lotta words in November. I'm a PB and poetry gal so will not be participating, but good luck to you!
Stock up on the red bull come November!
Khyrinthia said…
I cannot wait for NaNo to start. I'm so excited. -spasm-
Mary Danielson said…
I'm definitely with you, Jess! I'm using October to finish up revisions and start planning on my NaNo novel, so that I'm all ready for the crazy 50k sprint.

And, congrats, on the interview -that's so exciting!!

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