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I've been tagged!

Sara Hantz tagged me, so here goes:

Two Men I’d Love to Date if I Were Single (and they were single):

Johnny Depp and Will Smith (seriously, boys, call me.) ;)

I Am Wearing Right Now:


Two Things I Would Want in a Relationship:

Intelligence and humor

Two of My Favorite Things to do:

read and coo over puppies in the park

Two Things I Want Very Badly At the Moment:

To finish my second book and get started on the third

Two things I did recently:

Put up my Christmas tree and mail a package

Two things I ate today:

Cheerios and peppermint tea

Two people I most recently talked to:

BFF1 and BFF2

Two things I’m doing tomorrow:

Writing and watching Hairspray

2 longest car rides:

Florida to Texas and Florida to Boston

Two Favorite Holidays:

Halloween and New Years

Two Favorite Beverages:

Diet Pepsi and any kind of tea

Two Things about me, things you may not have known about me:

During the holidays, I paint my toenails in corresponding colors. Right now, they're red and green. I'm almost a foot shorter than my younger brother.

Two places I have lived:

Nashville and Ocala

Two of my Favorite Foods:

Chicken and butterscotch cookies

Two Places I’d rather be right now:

In a snowy cabin in the wilderness or on a very hot beach.

Tagged: Emily Marshall and Emily Hendricks


Emily Marshall said…
Ooh...I've been tagged. What great fun!!! I've never been tagged before!

And I totally agree with your No. 1. Johnny Depp rocks! I'm so excited to see him in Sweeney Todd.
Sara Hantz said…
Hey, great answers. I had to laugh at two favourite holiday's. Being a Brit (living in NZ) holidays to me is the same as vacations to you..... so favourite holidays using your definition would be what we would call... actually what would we call them???? My mind has gone blank.
Emily, Sweeney does look soo good!

LOL, Sara! Whoops! It's funny how a word can have such different meanings.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for tagging me! I posted my answers over on my blog. Happy weekend, my dear!

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