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The books of 2007

You guys had some great thoughts yesterday on the Facebook vs. MySpace debate. I do think that for now, anyway, MySpace is THE place to be to market to teens. But now that Facebook is open to everyone, we'll see how that changes things later, perhaps.

So, is anyone writing through the holidays? Going to be scribbling in a notebook while sipping Aunt Lena's eggnog? :) I'll be working because... I'm just over 10k words away from finishing my second book in the Canterwood Crest series! Yahoo! It's all downhill from here, baby. I want to have it all bright and shiny when I present it to Agent A next month. The lack of good TV has kept me writing much later into the evening than usual.

Also, I rearranged the blog a little and put 2007's read books at the very bottom of the page. The new titles for 2008 will fill their old position in the sidebar. I really wanted to create one link that would take you to all of those titles, but I haven't figured out how to do so yet.

So, I'll ask. What's your favorite book that you read in 2007? It doesn't have to have been pubbed in 2007, if you wish.

Note: from now on I'm going to keep cross-posting here and on LJ. There's such a great LJ crowd (waves!) that I was leaving them out by only posting here.


Emily Marshall said…
Congrats on almost finish book 2 in your series. I might write alittle over the holidays, but nothing too much.

Also, you can always do a post on your favorite books, then link to that and keep editing it to add more if you want. Just an idea, since you said you wanted it all in one post.

Now for my favorite book of 2007. I don't know. That's tough. I'm embarrassed to even see how little I read this year. I really liked Pants on Fire.

By the way are you liking/did you like The Luxe? I'm reading it and can't get into it and am wondering if I need to keep reading to get to the good parts.
Oh, jeeze. I completely forgot about the posting thing. I'll do that at the end of the year! Thanks for that.

Pants on Fire was good. I did really enjoy The Luxe. It gets better, maybe peaks about 1/2 way thru, so keep reading. :)
Alyson Noel said…
Hey Jessica-
I'm working through the holidays too! Okay, I'm actually taking a SHORT respite when my niece and nephew come to visit (because I no longer kid myself about getting work done with teens in the house!) But after that-- I'm back to it!

Congrats on almost being done with book 2!
Erin said…
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!
Barrie said…
I HAVE to write over the holidays. Wah. Actually, it keeps me from getting too cranky!

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