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Book Review: Guerrilla PR by Michael Levine

I found this 1993 book on guerrilla marketing and thought I'd give a quick review since so many people seem interested in PR.

This isn't a book just for authors, though book PR is mentioned a couple of times. It's a book for small businesses or people who are self-employed. While the book is a bit old, it does offer something I haven't come across in other books--it teaches you HOW to think like a PR person.

The book walks you through what's worth making noise about, how to write a press release, when/if you need to hire a publicist (still my biggest question!) and how to save money while doing all of the above.

My favorite section gives examples of crazy things people did to get attention for themselves or their product. Did you know Washington Irving staged his own kidnapping when he released a new book?

This book challenges you to think about how to best market yourself and makes it clear that you don't have to have big $$ to promote well. Professionalism is key above all.

The best thing I learned was to start making a contact roster. Immediately. Now. Of newspapers, TV, radio, magazines, etc that I feel comfortable contacting about my book or my story.

So, yes, I'd definitely recommend this book!

Okay, would you like me to review any other PR books that I read? If so, I'll keep posting them here.

Happy weekend!


Great review, Jessica! You make me want to run out, buy this book, and gobble up every page :-)


Emily Marshall said…
That's interesting about Washington Irving. Didn't know that. There's so many crazy PR stories it seems. Good review and it looks like a good book. It's crazy how much info there is on PR out there. I have a Master's in it, and I still feel like there's so much I don't know.
Thanks, Michele!

You've got a master's in PR, Emily? Wow. Did not know that. That's really neat and going to be soo useful for you! :)
Emily Marshall said…
Thanks, Jessica. I sure do hope it will come in handy! But I do use it everyday in my day job.

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