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A death in the family

The blog has been quiet since Thursday because that's when my Siamese cat, Jazz, got sick. She died Saturday morning in my arms at home. I've had her for seven years and adopted her when she was eight. It has been really, really difficult and I'm sure many of you know what that's like. The house is quiet and empty and I slept with a stuffed animal last night instead of my cat. She was perfectly healthy up until now, so I had no warning. Even for 15, she acted like a kitten and had the more energy of any 15 year old I've ever seen. So, I'll be unavailable for a couple more days and then I'll get back to blogging.


Sara Hantz said…
Jessica, I'm so sorry to hear about your cat. It's always hard when you lose a pet because they're like a member of the family. I'm sure you have some wonderful memories which will help you come to terms with it.
Emily Marshall said…
So sorry to hear about your cat, Jess. Hang in there. I know loosing a pet that's been with you for awhile is always hard.
michele tune said…
Aw, Jessica, I'm terribly sorry. I do know how it feels and it's just not the same when our precious, furry friends aren't around anymore. I lost my German Shepherd last year. It was sudden. I still miss her.

Take any time you need....

Blessings & Prayers,

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