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National Novel Writing Month: Day 3

All right! It's day three! How's it going, everyone? I got up at 7am (yuck!) on a chilly Saturday to finish edits and start typing. I've been posting over on the forums and people are doing great! Did you know there's a club for extreme NaNo where people write 50k in one day! One day! Now, that's not for me but for those who can...go for it. Amazing. :)

Anyone have a favorite NaNo soundtrack? Share 'em! I use Disney soundtracks, like Fantastia, and Harry Potter soundtracks. Ooh, and Pirates. (Thinking of Captain Jack keeps me typing...ahem...)

Check in today, even though it's Saturday, and let's keep going! I sit at...7587. I'll check in tonight.

PS- The handy word meter has been disabled (!) on the creator's site. Apparently, the NaNoers crash the server so you have to manually update the percentage and WC yourself. And no, the little bar doesn't slide. :(


Teacake said…
7,960, but I won't write much if at all today. Going well though! Gotta love week 1 enthusiasm.

I listen to cheesy 80's music mostly. I keep the song of the day up on my blog next to my word count (I have a different word meter, but I update mine manually too, just the % and total words in the html). I can't help it, it's the music of my youth and it helps put me in the right frame of mind for writing about that age.
Keep up the good work Jessica - and anyone attempting 50,000 in one day is just nuts :)
Your word counter is much better than mine, tea cake, so I'm switching tomorrow. Thanks! :)

No kidding, Catherine. 50k in a day is insane! I couldn't do it--no way.
Emily Marshall said…
WHOOO....50K is ONE DAY. That's insane. I'm definitely not in that club. I wish. That would be awesome if I could write that many words in one day and any of them made sense. I'd definitely be much more prolific.

Umm, in regards to word count. I'm bowing out of sharing my word count ('s only 347 words). But today is the first day I'll get a chance to work on it most of the day. And I think I've finally stuffed my inner-editor inside, so I can get some work done. Hopefully that number with get much higher by the end of the day.

Oh, and Dancing with The Stars was AMAZING. Only down side was Lacey (my favorite) was injured or something, because Shauna took her place with most of the dances.

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