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National Novel Writing Month: Day 1

Hear ye! Hear ye! Today begins day one of National Novel Writing Month! So, get out your computers, pens, notecards and let's get started! We can cross the finish line at the end of November with 50,000 words. Yes, we can!

If you're doing NaNo, check in here and let's get the support started. I'm opening my blank document right... now.


Teacake said…
Good luck!

I stole some time that should've been spent on other things this morning while my daughter was in school. I rationalize it by insisting that day 1 at least needs to get off to a good start!

Hope you have a great first day.
Emily Marshall said…
Yep, I'm doing NaNo as I mentioned before. I'm pumped up for it...but I haven't started any words today. I'm planning on going to B&N later after work to get some words in.

My husband is doing it this year, as well, which is interesting, since he's never written a book before. Should be fun!

We are going out of the country on the 16th for 10 days, so I'm kind-of cheating with getting in my 15K I'll miss those days in early. So I'm still at 1667 a day like everyone else, though I'm out of the "official" NaNo count, since I've already started. I love the push to get words in, though.

Have fun!!! That's excited they have featured your book on the site, now, too.
Good luck - I started three hours ago and have achieved far more than I thought I could, I'm sure you will too... (catephoenix on Verla Kay)
All right, tea cake! Take the time where you can.

Yay, Emily! That's so cool about your husband. You'll have to keep us posted on his word count.

Hi, Catherine. Thanks for stopping by and congrats on getting so far today. :)
Stephanie said…
I started today as well! I have no clue of my word count because, oh what's that? I have no word processor. Yes. Don't ask how I manage this. I'm assuming I have a decent amount written but I'll have to look up word count tomorrow off of the work comp. Secrets!

And yay for nano buddies!
I can't wait to hear your WC, Steph. I'd go crazy without knowing, LOL. I think I check every 10 minutes. :)
Teacake said…
This new version of Word I have puts the WC right on the status bar at the bottom of the screen, next to the number of pages. I don't even have to push a button! OCD heaven.

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