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Writing mags

The poor blog has been neglected as of late. School has completely taken over my life! I have three weeks of class and then finals, so I've been swamped with papers, studying and projects. I've been reading so much for school and eyeing my YA books. I can't wait to start reading for fun again. The weekend is already half over and I've yet to tackle a few major projects for school that are on my list.

I took a few hours this afternoon and realized that my writing magazines are out of control! I've got large plastic trunks filled with The Writer, Writer's Digest, Romance Writer's Report, Poets & Writers and newsletters. I refuse to throw away any of them, so I plan to start putting them in plastic sleeves and then into binders.

What do you do with your writing magazines? Keep them forever or let them go? Any suggestions on organization?


Jess said…
I hate to tell you, Sweetie, I've been subscribing and/or buying those magazines for 40+ years and there's no such thing as organization when it comes to saving them. No, I don't have the heart to throw them away either. They're piled everywhere. :( ANd believe it or not, I do revisit them now and then.
Well, I feel better now! :) Like you said, I do revisit mine since one day I'll want something on screenwriting and the next I'll be looking for something on magazine articles.
ERiCA said…
All mine are currently cluttering up my shelves, but a friend of mine rips out the articles she finds most helpful and sticks them in a filing cabinet in hanging folders market Plotting, Characterization, Conflict, etc. I did buy a new filing cabinet so I could try this method myself, but so far I've been able to successfully procrastinate anything resembling organization. =)

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