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MFA info

Big thanks to everyone who e-mailed me with suggestions for MFA programs! I truly appreciate your e-mails and suggestions. :) In particular, a big thanks goes out to Jessy and the writers on the Verla Kay forums. I'm getting info and insight into schools ranging from NYU to Seton Hill. Keep 'em coming if you have MFA advice.

This week, I'm swamped with school papers. I'm trying to read Obi, or, The History of Three- Fingered Jack, Adam Bede and a book for my humanities class all while trying to get ahead and write a few papers early. I hate dealing with papers during finals week, so I'm trying to do them now.

I workshopped my second memoir piece yesterday and it went great! I got a lot of helpful feedback and I didn't feel uncomfortable presenting my topic. I received many "wow, risky topic! I like it!" and "you have such a calm, detached narrator." A well-respected guy in my class says both of my pieces read very much like the wonderful Annie Proulx. I've read Brokeback Mountain twice, but have not read The Shipping News. Guess I'll have to check that out.

Who does your writing get compared with?

EDIT: (Sorry to my FeedBurner subscribers who will be getting double emails today!) I was looking over my blog viewers and yesterday, I had someone from this server (Oxygen (Harpo Productions)) on both of my blogs! How cool is that! Yes, I know it was a mistake that someone surfed on but still, that's exciting. :) Wave at Oprah, everyone! LOL


Ella Enchanted said…
I love that guy for saying you sound like Annie Prouxl since she crafts her stories beautifully. Not too shabby, J!

Not many people have read my writing, so, I have no idea who I'd get compared to.

And you sound swamped!
Alex Richards said…
Very cool to be compared with a well respected author!
I haven't been compared to anyone, but then again, aside from my agent and editor, I haven't really let anyone else read my book. Hopefully all that will change in July!
I like your blog. V. exciting about Oprah, too! :)
Hi, Alex,

Thanks for stopping by! I checked out your site and your book sounds fab! I'll definitely read it. :) Congrats on getting it published.

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