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Counting down...

Five more weeks until graduation! Originally, I tried to graduate from college at 19, but now it will have to be 20 and 2 months. :) I'm not attached to my college and am thrilled to be able to spend a year writing before I go to graduate school. I'll probably take classes online from UCLA Extension or UCF's Certificate in Professional Writing until I get into grad school. (Any great program recommendations, anyone?) It's also exciting to have that time to work on my current MS, write a new book and do the zillions of other writing projects I've been dying to do. I was whining a bit about going back to school tomorrow, but 99 percent of the time, I'm a nerd. I love school, love to study and enjoy learning. I'm just ready to take a break for a bit...

UPDATE: RAW just e-mailed! She said she lost my number and told me to call again. I'm doing that ASAP! :)


Ella Enchanted said…
Oh my god and you're proud of me for a silly word count? Graduating at twenty - and having a literary agent under your belt - is something to be extremely proud of, which I am. :)

That is so amazing! That year off sounds great! You'll be able to focus on your upcoming book and the rest of your writing.

How awesome. How very, very awesome. :D
Anonymous said…
I have to agree with Ella. You are quite an inspiration. You are one of those driven people that I need in my life to keep me going. :) I think you will do great with a year off. With many people, you assume they would get off track, but with you, you know that won't happen. Good luck! :)
45k is amazing, Gaby. It's more than most people ever write! Of course, I'm proud! :)
I'm so envious of you. An entire year to write! Oh what I wouldn't give to have that luxury!
Ella Enchanted said…
EEE, Jess, just saw the update! You must keep me very updated, missy. And thank you for your confidence, it's been an amazing help! :)
~Em~ said…
An entire year to write. See, this is why you are my inspiration. I'm only a year and a half older than you, yet you've gotten a million miles further than I have.

Someday, my dear, I'll catch up. Until then, you'll be one of my heroes! :)
ERiCA said…
A year off sounds fantabulous! How awesome to have that opportunity. Best of luck taking advantage of every moment!

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