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PowerTracker died

I don't know if anyone else uses PowerTracker, but I got the program as a limited version when I ordered a writing magazine a few years ago. I popped it and got hooked. I've been using that limited version for a couple of years and when my computer malfunctioned about 4 months ago, (Thank God for Gateway customer service!) I was no longer able to reload PowerTracker onto the computer so I had to store all of my data on the CD. For those of you who aren't familiar with PT, it keeps track of every query, article, agent query, idea, partial, etc that you write and/or send out. It stores the editor's names, addresses, the date the piece of writing was sent, alerts you when it's time for a follow up and does many other wonderful things. Anyway, this morning I inserted my PT CD and it wouldnt' work. It skipped and skipped and refused to load. I cried, threatened, screamed and begged the CD to work. Yes, it's all my fault for not backing up this data. I know, it's stupid.

I tried the CD a dozen times and a little while ago, by some miracle, it worked. I saved all of the data and ejected the CD. I tried it again to see what would happen and it now will not work. I'm thanking my lucky stars that I was able to get my info off the CD. I would have lost so much data and I'd probably send magazines queries I've already sent just because I can't remember all of the queries I send. So, the moral of the story: I need a new PT and I promise to back up my data at least once a week. I always backup my book and articles, but I never thought about that data. Scary.


Ella Enchanted said…
Ooh, I'm sorry to hear about the power tracker. I don't have one, but I DO know what it's like to have your hard drive go kaput, when you haven't saved anything and so you sob and throw it into the floor and crush it under your heel and... erm, well, yes, all I mean to say is I sympathize. :)

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