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distractions! distractions!

Oooh, the weather has been simply lovely this week! Spring has definitely began in Florida as it has been in the lower eighties all week and I've been itching to visit the beach. (Contrary to popular belief, Florida DOES have cold weather. A few weeks ago, we were 18 degrees!) I've been dragging my laptop onto the back porch and have to fend off tiny lizzards while I type. The occasional tree frog pops up and I spend fifteen minutes holding it. I then place it back on the house and try to grab a lizzard or two. I always manage to catch them in a dark brown stage instead of when they're a vibrant green. As you can see, I'm a complete nature junkie and the weather has been distracting me from my writing.

What's your biggest distraction?


Mary Danielson said…
Okay, so I'm a complete biggest distraction is CNN. Normally when I come home from school, I mean to start writing - really, I do. But then i just have to see what happened that day - only to get glued to the t.v. and Anderson Cooper!
Ella Enchanted said…
I'm the Distraction Queen. Anything will distract me. Blogs, entertainment fodder, books, phone calls, the small specks in the tiles of my floor, the bohemian-like guy that sings love songs in the corner of our street... anything! Why is it that I'll put off something I love doing?

PS: I miss Florida weather! :)
Oh Distractions! How I loathe and love Thee!

Tv...biggest one for me. It kills me! Or just surfing the internet. I could look up stuff for hours!

Btw--my computer is supposed to arrive at my parents' house today so hopefully I'll get it soon and be able to update my blog! Be lookin!
Yay for Steph getting back online! I missed you!
April Aragam said…
My biggest distractions are the internet (I am getting better at doing what I have to and then removing myself from the computer altogether). The weather is also a big one, but not good weather, bad weather. Spring has NOT arrived here, it is dark and rainy and if the sun don't start shining soon I am not going to be fun to be around. It's just depressing!! Who feels like doing anything in this kind of weather for months on end? Not I. Surprisingly, I write really well when the tv is on. I usually just have it there as company.

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