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Girls' Life

I opened my inbox a few moments ago and saw an email from Girls' Life. Another rejection, I was sure. Wrong! GL is going to run a short (very short) profile of a local girl with an amazing charity. I pitched it to them 8 weeks ago and with a waiting period of 3 months, I was shocked to have a response that fast. It's my third query to GL and I'm beyond thrilled!!

Also, I called RAW and she wasn't home. I left a message and now I must wait....


Jess said…
Congrats, Jess. I'll bet you write great queries! And I can't wait for RAW to call you. In the meantime, check out the Writer's Digest prompt. Deadline is March 10th. If you take WD it's on page 22. If you don't, then check out my blog. :)
I saw that prompt. Are you entering? I just don't have time this week. :/
April Aragam said…
Congrats, Jess. Let me know how you do with GL. I had a quiz accepted by them late Jan 2006 and got my contract in the summer and have heard nothing since. It's not been published (that I know of!), and in turn I haven' gotten paid. It wouldn't been so bad if I actually knew what was going on.
April, that's not good to hear. Did you follow up? Let me know what happens...I hate to hear of that sort of thing.

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