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Pep Talk

Last week, my writing instructor at college gave me the e-mail address of her mentor and one of FSU's best writing professors, "The Really Accomplished Writer." Let's call her RAW. So, RAW e-mailed me back on Thursday with an invitation to call her to chat. There was serious hyperventilation! She said I could call her that weekend, if I wanted. The weekend rolled by and I never called. Why? I'm scared. Terrified, actually of calling this person and sounding like an idiot. She has a string of best sellers, a movie in the works by Nickelodeon and I'm a nobody who is scared to call her. I need a violent shove in the direction of my phone. Her number is programmed in my pink Motorola. I look at it in shock that I have RAW in my address book. Someone give me nudge so I can call this woman!


Ella Enchanted said…
Oh my god I want to HIT you in the most non-violent way possible. What are you WAITING for?!?! Did you think this RAW woman was a SOMEBODY from the start? NO! She started where you did! Good God woman let her be the Obi-Wan you need! Now! Go. Pick. Up. The. Phone. NOW. Before I kick you in the heiny.


Oh, and I love ya.:)
Jess said…
Jess, do not, I repeat, DO NOT procrastinate or miss this opportunity. You've been writing long enough to know that professional writers don't offer this kind of thing to just anyone. Please, please, take advantage of this. You can hold your own with the best of them, believe me. Once, a Harlequen editor offered this kind of friendship to me. She encouraged me to send her my ms. and let her take a look--as a friend. I didn't. I told myself I didn't want to take advantage of her goodness. Well, today... she's gone, we don't know each other anymore and I'm wondering if I could have been a Harlequin author if I'd let her tutor/mentor me. This is the name of the game: we have to network, we have to grab every opportunity God puts in our path. This is yours. Don't you dare post again until you call that woman!! Then give us the great news. LOL Her name wouldn't be Mary Johnson, would it? Just wondering. :)
April Aragam said…
I have to agree with the others. Make that call. She started at the beginning just like the rest of us. :)She really is just a person. Someone who happens to be what you aspire to be. When you meet someone like that, or have the chance to, you have to take it. I have a friend, we're not expectionally close, but she is just an inspiration to me and I try to always keep in contact with her. Do call her.
Gabby, dear, Gabby, just what I needed! :)

Jess, nope, her name isn't Mary Johnson. I'm not saying it because I don't want to blog about her without her permission.

April, good advice, as always.

Tomorrow is the day! I'll post after I call!

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