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It's about time!

Update: Okay, I read a great article about authors using MySpace to get more publicity. I'm a MySpace virgin and decided to sign up today. I still have NO idea how to add friends, yet. (Anyone know how?) Anyway, check me out here and I'll fully update that soon. Hey, if MySpace is good enough for Meg Cabot...


Anonymous said…
I have Meg on my list :) I'll add you too.
Ella Enchanted said…
Oh, wow! LOL I 've always been scared to venture into My Space. But I have heard that it is a very good venue, too, so, good for you for being brave! :)
Ooooo! Venturing into MySpace! I won't do it because it'll just be another distraction for me, but I know of plenty of people who've had success out there. Good luck!
I noticed a lot of writers get the music account at MySpace and post readings of their books, instead of music. What a great idea! :)

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