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Win a fab bag and stickers!

Today, Paula from BE A GIRL TODAY has generously donated this supercute bag, postcards and stickers!

To enter: leave a comment here, on LiveJournal or in both places by Wednesday, October 28th at noon EST. I'll draw a name and will post the winner next week, so be sure to check back or leave an e-mail address in your post so I can contact you if you win.

If you want an extra entry, blog about the contest, Tweet about it or get creative and publicize it another way. Leave me the link in your comment and it'll count for your extra entry. (I'll only mail to US addresses, sorry!)

Paula, thank you so much! :)


Lydia said…
That is SO awesome! I'm most def entering-
My email's
October 26th is on a Monday, just so you know! :)

Thank you, Breeann! I had all of the dates mixed up...*shakes head*
Kathryn said…
That's so cute! Count me in.
Emily B said…
Cool! Enter Me!
Sara s said…
Omigosh! that bag is sooo adorable! I would love to own one and it would be great for a bag to keep my horse treats( i always keep peppermints and sugar cubes with me at ridng lol)the stickers are too cute also! i love all the awesome contests and i LOVE CC! It's the best series ever and i wanna be just like Sasha and my life is even kinda like CC. lol!
Enter me plz and it would make me happy too win.
p.s. I CANNOT stop obsessing over BE! it's the best one yet and so dramatic! i love x100000000 it!
Katie N said…
OMG! Jess i am like such a loser. every time we have something special i always dont get it or i get the dull one. my sister always gets it and gets it all her way so im the odd one out. it would be nice to have something for me for a change, well thanks anyway and if i dont win congrats to who did.
Anonymous said…
I would love to win it! That bag would be great for school!
I'm reading Best Enemies right now, and IT ROCKS! Luv it, Jess.
Jill said…
OMG!! pick me
Bookworm said…
Great contest! And congrats on the BEST ENEMIES release, Jess! (:

Please enter me.

ebcella AT comcast DOT net
Lauren said…
WOW that is such a cute prize i luv it plz pick me
Gabby B. said…
This bag is so ABORIBAL!!!!! I want to badly
Anonymous said…
Hey! Enter me =)
Adina said…
OMG, that bag and stickers are soo cute. I got to have those, my email is: Hope I win. :D
It's so nice! lol Enter me! =)
jess said…
oh enter me please jess
Anonymous said…
Here is my extra entry for
Anonymous said…
Entering to win!
E said…
I am trying to win the bag and stickers!
E said…
I am entering to win the bag!

email if i win!

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