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Thank you, Team Canterwood!

(Vid processing will be complete soon then quality will improve) :)

Don't forget to enter to win a copy of BEST ENEMIES below!


Kathryn said…
Jess- Best Enemies was ah-mazing!! Thank you soo much for the sweet message inside. Team Canterwood! <3
Jill said…
can u post some of the pics if its ok i was going to be paige or sasha but i could not because i had no idea what to wear and i want to have ideas for next year email me back if u can my email is
#1 canterwood fan (viviana) said…
hi jessica,
ummm.... i know ur probaly not going to email me back a answer to my question but i have to give it a shot!
so my question is that where can i find clothes that are canterwood style. like forever 21 or where? i really want to dress like sasha and like PREPPY! so please, PLEASE! email me back at
please leave me a answer at my email adress!
you are a great role model!
thank you!!!!!
Lauren said…
So excited for the book plz plz pick me for the free book!!!! plz email me!!!!
Anonymous said…
I just finished reading it and its amazing!!! Cant wait till' Dec.!
Anonymous said…
I am calling Books A Million today to see if my Best Enemies have come in !! I can't wait to read the 5th book.!Love the new video.

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