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Maybe I should buy stock in Red Bull

Been slow going on HOME SWEET DRAMA today. I had a bunch of errands today and then I haven't been able to get back into the draft. I'm still ahead of schedule, which is great, but it's just an off day. Grr. And, plus, I forgot to get Red Bull when I went out. *annoyed*

I did, however, successfully make Lauren Barnholdt's pumpkin spice latte recipe. It wasn't that complicated and it tastes soooo good. I've got an addiction to the ones at Starbucks, but refuse to keep paying that price for coffee. I'd rather spend the $$ on other stuff!

Speaking of Team Barnhart, we're meeting up with Ross and The Boy (Lauren's Boy) for sparkly drinks at Cowgirl when LB comes to NYC tomorrow. I've never been to Cowgirl, but everyone says it's amazing. I can't wait.

Back to the draft...


Anonymous said…
Ok everyone I now ya'll proablly don't won't to hear my little sad story but here it goes anyway.....So I was so excited to be heading to the barn to try out for this riding team at a barn near me.So I get there the insturcter is so nice ,I sort of kinda know the girl I'm riding with, pretty place ,where the college team rides everythings good.But then I get put on this 16 hand horse when I usaully ride about a 14 hand horse big difference but still not too bad horse seems nice enough. Then I get on everythings okay but.......definetley not my best ride ever . THen we strt jumping and this guy has a huge jump!!!!So first time he takes-off I pop out of the tack.Next time not as bad but I get left behind.Well by this time I am getting shown up by this really good rider.Her mom was a champion,she rides a beautiful horse(proablly more expensive than my moms car!) and she has had top training.Very scary and imtimdating.So I'm like whatever she's older than me owns a horse give yourself a break.Well when the lesson is over disappointment strikes.I made on the team but not in the highest division.CRUSHED.Then my spirits are low and I have to litterlay wipe the snot coming out of this horses nose while he tries to bite me.When I get in the car I am holding back tears trying not to let my mom know how dissapointed I am and I don't want her to feel like I'm ungrateful just because we are not rollin in the dough and we can't afford a horse .So....anyways anyone got any tips for me so that I can kick butt and take names in all the shows until my trainer bumps me up(honestly I've never been in show)?
Anonymous said…
I think you should totally buy stock in Red Bull if it were to ever become an IPO. But right now it's privately held.

Starbucks on the other hand . . . Just do your research before you commit.

Have fun with the Barnhart crew. Your interview was awesome!!!

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